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Zhao Weiji attends opening ceremony of Ouyang Huiling’s Art Exhibition

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The art exhibition of Ouyang Huiling, deputy director of Hunan Democratic League Painting and Calligraphy Academy and famous painter for flowers and birds was held at Wangcheng Painting and Calligraphy Academy in Wugang City on May 15.  Present at the opening ceremony were Zhao Weiji, vice mayor of Shaoyang Government, vice chairman of China Democratic League (CDL)Hunan Committee and chairman of CDL Shaoyang Committee, Xu Zhi,  director of Organization Department of CDL Hunan Committee, He Zhaohui, member of standing committee of Wugang CPC Committee and director of its Publicity Department, Li Yonghong, vice mayor of Wugang Government and Fu Xiaosong, deputy director of general office of CDL Hunan Committee.  Zhao Weiji delivered the opening speech and Xu Zhi announced the opening of the show. 

Zhao Weiji and other officials attend the opening ceremony of the art exhibition.
Zhao Weiji spoke highly of the exhibition.  He said Ouyang Huiling is a lady full of love for life and a painter full of sensation, which can be seen from every one of her paintings.  Ms Ouyang Huiling’s coming to Wugang, an ancient city with thick cultural deposits, for the painting show will be not only a much told tale in the history of Wagang’s calligraphy, painting and culture, but also a bright color added on top of Wugang’s splendid culture when her paintings are fused with the products of other Wugang painters.     
The show lasted for 4 days, during which she exhibited nearly 100 paintings related to peonies and lotuses. With a unique vision and a deep affection, these paintings give people aesthetic enjoyment when peonies in the paintings perfectly show their exquisite beauty and lotuses their pureness and nobleness.   

Zhao Weiji speaks highly of Ms Ouyang Huiling’s paintings.
Ouyang Huiling, born in Xiangtan of Hunan Province, is a first-class artist, a member of China Artists Association, a director of CDL Arts Academy, deputy president of Hunan CDL Academy of Arts and a member of Hunan Culture and History Institute. Many of her paintings have been displayed in the exhibitions hosted by China Arts Association and the Cultural Ministry and some have been published in People’s Daily and the magazines such as Arts.  She was once even invited by the State Council to draw the picture “Best Scenery on Earth”, which is still hanging in the banquet hall of Zhongnanhai. (Translated by Xie Yiping)   

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