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Huayao, A Folkloric and Romantic Movie Reflecting Longhui Folk Customs, Premiered on Movie Channel of CCTV

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Huayao,the first folkloric and romantic movie invested and produced by Hunan Fu’s Media Co., Limited first appeared on CCTV 6 at 7:35 a.m. on the morning of April 24 and then was replayed three times.  Its nationwide cinematic and online release is expected in May.  The movie is produced mainly by Yang Ming, a young director, Wuma, late Hong Kong film star and Sun Guitian, an inland actor, with hero and heroine played by young actor Li Bin and young actress Huang Meimei. 
Wuma’s widow Ma Yan attended the first release of the movie in Beijing.  She disclosed that Wuma was found to have lung cancer during the filming of Huayao, but he stuck to his work until it was too late. 
The movie, taking Huayao of Longhui as the background, tells of a romantic story which takes place in an ancient Huayao village in Longhui County of Shaoyang, Hunan Province.  Qiu Feng, the hero of the movie, accompanies his grandfather on his travel to Huayao where they meet a warm-hearted girl called Jinhua, who is running a tourism promotion for Huayao.  At first, Qiu Feng takes Jinhua as an illegal tour guide when Jinfeng offers them her own old lodging house.  Then Qiu Feng is impressed so much by Jinhua’s goodness and simplicity that time and again he protects Jinhua and finally they fall in love with each other.      
Huayao is an ancient, mysterious ethnic group, a branch of Yao Nationality.  But Huayao people believe in ancient trees and stones rather than Pan Wang (king), and still keep their simple, straightforward folkway and peculiar, graceful folk customs. Huayao (flower Yao) is so called because Huayao women like wearing beautiful, bright-colored dresses. Through the beautiful but sad romantic stories of the grandfather and the grandson, the movie fully unfolds Longhui’s folk features and reproduces Huayao people’s peculiar style of life related to farming and sericulture, marriage, clothing, and worship of gods until the mysterious veil of the Huayao folk customs is finally disclosed.  It is said that the movie, directed by Yang Ming and filmed by Wuma during his illness, took over two years to complete.
(Translated by Xie Yiping) 

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