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Good Habits For A Man’s Longevity

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No. 1: taking good care of the liver.
Giving up drinking liquor will reduce 85% risk of liver disease, while eating more vegetables will reduce 36%.
No. 2: avoiding lung cancer.
Nuts contains plenty of the element selenium which is the enemy of cancer. Then how many nuts does one eat a day to have a superman’s lung? The answer is three.
Smoke no more. We are obliged to advise you: your breath is so terribly smelly that even a dog will keep far away from you. 80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.
No. 3: protecting the prostate.
Sunning yourself can reduce the risk to 50%. Enjoying sunshine 15 minutes a day will reduce half the probability of suffering the prostate disease, for sunshine can help the skin to produce vitamin D, which synthetizes in blood a kind of substance fighting diseases. Of course, never forget to put on skin-protecting cream when sunning.
Eating more bean sprouts can decrease 24% risk. According to a study conducted in America, bean sprouts have a magical function to fight cancer, as they contain abundant glucosinolate that prevents pollutants in smoke or air from causing lung cancer.
No. 4: keeping your kidney clean.
Keeping the body inside humid can decrease 80% risk of getting a disease. According to a research done by the British Kidney Research Center, if one drinks at least two liters of boiled water, then the probability of his or her having the kidney disease is reduced to 20%.
Honey can reduce 18% risk. Add three spoons of honey to your breakfast bread and you can obtain as much energy as what the drink special for sportsmen can provide. And it costs only a little.
Honey can not only fight heart disease but also can decrease 6% sugar in blood to prevent the major killer: diabetes.
No. 5: paying attention to colon.
Walking can reduce 28% risk of getting colon. A study made by the American Nutrition Research Center concluded that taking oxygen exercise like slow walking for a certain time every day can prevent too long a stay of food in the body. The shorter lunch food stays in the intestines, the smaller the chance for the food to change into bad substance causing cancer cells is. Join the group of walkers on the pavement or the group of long distant runners. Good digestion makes you breathe smoothly and easily. It will make a perfect shape of your body.
No. 6: avoiding paralytic stroke.
Drinking orange juice can reduce 28% of its risk. A certain research in Finland discovered that if a man drinks half a liter of orange juice a day, it will decrease his blood pressure and cholesterol and prevent damage to arterial vessels, for orange is rich in antioxidant vitamin C. And spinach contains abundant folic acid that reduces one third of the risk of stroke.
Walking more can reduce 50% risk. Take a walk of 30 to 60 minutes a day. If you persist in doing so for five days, you can reduce 50% risk, too. Give up your short-cut way and and choose a longer road to walk home. More walking leads to less paralytic stroke.
(translated by Yi Daoqun)

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