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Six Factors That Determine Human Longevity

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Prolonging life can not be separated from healthy eating and active exercise. Gene, belief and marriage have effects on longevity. Besides, there are some more factors. Having studied for twenty years the numerous living habits of a great number of people, American psychological professors Howard.Friedman and Lesley.Martin, made a summary of the main factors that influence longevity and published a new book titled The Project Of Longevity, which presents a “list of the key factors of long life”.
First, interpersonal relationship. The study shows that the importance of personal relation is far beyond imagination. Personal relation is even more important than fruits, vegetables, frequent exercise and regular medical examinations. A survey of 268 men conducted by the medical school of Harvard University discovered that the genuinely important thing in one’s life is relationship with others. The survey also found out that those who often attend small parties with friends drinking a little wine are able to live longer than those who do not.
Secondly, features in character. Friedman discovered that in character people aged 100 have at least three things in common. One is that they are active, out-going and optimistic in life, easygoing and friendly with a wide social contact and good at draining out their passion frankly. Another is that they have a strong responsibility, which is an important character feature directly  connected with longevity, marriage happiness and making a good fortune. Responsibility is the best indicator. The stronger it is, the longer one lives. The third is that they have an active attitude towards aging. Those with an active attitude to aging is able to live 7.5 years longer.
Thirdly, Profession. The importance of work to longevity is beyond imagination. Unemployment, an unstable job and a too low pay do harm to health. Whether to have a harmonious relation with fellow workers and the boss or not also has a distinct effect on health. Flattering the boss casually  does good to health and success in career helps live long, while a dull job will increase the risk of causing heart diseases. According to the survey mentioned above, the most regrettable thing for a dying person is overwork that harms health but without deserved pay in return. If one does a job that is not only meaningful but also he loves, it helps him live a long life even he works very hard.
Fourthly, living habits. Some small living habits have direct relations with whether to live long or not. Ensure enough sleep and harmonious marriage life; do not default in paying debts; be kind and tolerant to others. Besides, maintain a young mentality. All these help longevity. The study found out that a person who looks young will live a longer life. If one looks and acts like a young person he will noy die young.
Fifthly, giving up bad habits. Many people think that giving up some bad habits like drinking and smoking is a suffering. However, living to be 100 has much to do with living happily, the study discovered. Therefore, be active in removing bad living habits in order to improve living quality and live longer.
Sixthly, be with healthy people. He who touches rouge will be stained with red, while he who is close to ink will be stained with black. Who is in company with you is related to whether you will live long or not. Friedman points out that The characteristics of a group determines an individual’s life style. The habits of your friends influence yours. So if you wants to be healthy, you should often keep in contact with those with a good lifestyle.
(translated by Yi Daoqun)

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