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Congratulations, Blessings & Best Wishes

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                  Congratulations, Blessings & Best Wishes
——Former Vice-mayor of Shaoyang City and Chairman of Shaoyang International Culture Association Li Lanjun’ s speech at the founding celebration of Banbaozai Art & Culture  Association
With the 2015 Spring Festival approaching, Shaoyang Banbaozai Art & Culture Association is formally founded today. On this occasion I am here conveying my warm hearty congratulations for its establishment.
Chairman Zhang Qianshan and President Wu Renhao requested me to speak. I cannot decline their graceful invitation, so I am here to deliver a short speech of a few words.
First, warm ‘congratulations’, which I just expressed.
Second, ‘blessings’. Before I came to attend this foundation celebration, I knew little about its preparatory work and members. But when I saw the name ‘Banbaozai’ at this celebration, I could not help sighing with admiration. This association is started by standing council member of Shaoyang International Culture Association Mr Wu Renhao in order to set up a club of those who have a common artistic interest and pursuing. I think of it as a significant thing. I will not repeat the significance as Mr. Wu spoke about it a moment ago. Mr. Wu was a talent when young. Though aged 68 now, he remains young and gifted, because he is 8 years old if we cut off 60 which is a Chinese circle of age.
What makes me admire him most is the name of the association. ‘Banbaozai’, which is Mr Wu’ s artistic name, means ‘half-full studio’ in Chinese. On the one hand, the name recorded his unusual experiences of youth when he was seeking art with half-full stomach because of frequent hunger. On the other hand, the name implies that he will never be satisfied with his artistic success. In addition, the name also has an implication of health preservation. The secrets of keeping healthy for the old are these: never smoking, little wine drinking, eating half fully and enough walking. With so many meanings, ‘banbaozai’ is certainly a good name for the association, I think. I gave blessings to the association from the bottom of my heart.
Third, ‘best wishes’ with suggestions. My advice was inspired by the development of a culture transmission company at Jingde Town of Jiangxi Province. The company developed into a very large one with branches in all provincial capitals and other large and middle cities and their staff throughout the country, selling specially artistic porcelain works. So my my first tip is that  your association should let the workers’ motivation fully work so as  to set up branches in Changsha, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and so on, thus promoting Shaoyang artistic works outside and fulfilling the mission of cultural exchange.
And my second suggestion is that with ‘cultural and artistic exchange’  focused the association should be  not only the base camp of painting and calligraphic artists and sculptors but also a solid foundation stone for the City Government and the City Party Committee to build Shaoyang into a famous international cultural city. Extensive mutual cultural exchanges and communications should be carried out beyond Shaoyang City, Huna  Province and  even China to speed up an early realization of the splendid blueprint.
May the association grow and strengthen constantly!
Thank you!
(Translated by Yi Daoqun)

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